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Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course  is open for business.  In light of Covid-19 we are here for you.  Please email or text with any questions or concerns.

Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course

​ Licensing Course for Hair Braiders




Training and Licensing for Hair Braiders 

In The State of Florida 


#1 Provider for Braiding License & Braiding Class

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STEP #1 - ENROLL - 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course offered daily. Enroll today to get certified, then apply for your state Braiding License.

Enroll into the Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course on line or any of our other Braiding Courses by Clicking on the Enroll button now to be directed to our Teachable Website..

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STEP #2  - This 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course is all you need  to get a Braiding License.  Read all course materials

Teaches everything you need to get a Braid License.    Visit  Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course Teachable site,  enrolled, read all course material, take the quizzes after each chapter.  Then complete final exam with a 75% or better, a certificate of completion will be issued to you.

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STEP #3 - TAKE FINAL EXAM - Then get  your Hair Braid License.

After completing  the 16 Hour Hair Braiding  Course, download your certificate.  Get your Hair Braiding Certificate of Completion.  Click below to print Department of Business & Professionals Hair Braiding Application or fill out your application for your license online.

Print Florida State Application for Hair Braiding

Why is it Important to take the 16 Hour Hair Braiding course in 2020?

It is important to take the 16 Hour Hair Braiding course in 2020 because you cant work legally or make top dollars as a Braid Stylist without being licensed! The state of Florida ruled that you must take the 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course  before you can work in any hair salons within the state of Florida........If you are caught working without a Florida Braiders license you will be fined! The fee is $500 to you and to the salon owner!.......

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Our Mission is to help everyone who has the motivation, ambition & desire to become a part of the multi Billion dollar hair industry  SUCCEED!

Our Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course along with our Hair Braiders Business Courses are all prices reasonably. Our knowledge base has many courses to help enhance  your  skills as a Hair Braider.  You are guaranteed to succeed!  Your Instructor Arlene and her well trusted staff  are all  available to chat with you & guide you every step of the way. 

We are the #1 trusted Cosmetology Board Approved Provider for The 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course since 2013

  The 16 hour Hair Braiding Course is a pre-requisite course that the state requires you to take before you are able to apply for your Florida Braiding License. You must be a Florida Resident in order to take the course.  The Hair Braiding 16 Hour course can be taken from your computer, tablet or smart phone.  No classroom training is required.  

Why do you need a Braiding License . What is the purpose?

The purpose of the 16 hour Hair Braiding course is to help you obtain a license to legally work in a salons throughout the state of Florida.

The Subjects covered in the course are the following:

HIV/AIDS & Other Communicable Diseases

Diseases & Disorders of the Scalp

Sanitation & Sterilization

and Florida State laws and rules.

**Please note** - This course is user ​friendly.  You are guaranteed to pass the short review quiz at the end of the course.  So don't worry!  We want you to WIN and receive your Florida State Braiding License & never get fined by working without a Braid License.

HAIR BRAIDING 16 HOUR COURSE is an online learning platform for Hair Stylist and Braiders.  We provide our students with Top Notch Education that will build their skills & knowledge of Hair Care & Styling. Our courses are designed with all the fundamentals needed to start a new career or expand an existing one.  We have designed the perfect curriculum which covers everything from Braiding to Business.  We also have Business courses that will help graduates of our courses to start their own Business or expand an existing one.   Our goal is to give those who have a passion for Braiding/Cosmetology the tools needed to excel in the Field of COSMETOLOGY.



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I'm so happy that I went with my gut and took this On line Hair Braiding Course!!  I can now work in a Hair Salon!  I'm so happy!

Jennifer Joy Wilkins

Licensed Braider

Licensed Hair Braider

My class was EXCEPTIONAL! Ms. Arlene is  intuitive, soulful, amazing, patient, very knowledgeable. I would REFER ANY AND EVERYONE to Ms. Arlene. Thank you so much! 

Dara  Celestin

Real Estate Agent

She's the best and very affordable. Loved her class!

Darleen Destin

Licensed Hair Braider

Would you like to get started today?

You may still have a few questions regarding the enrollment into our Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course.  No Worries.  We are here to assist you.  Leave us a message below or simply text us at 407-272-5088 at any time.  The answer to your question is only a text away!