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Arlene Gray

Cosmetologist / Instructor

Asked by Hair Braiders


Do I need a Braiding License to braid hair?

No, if you would like to Braid Hair in the state of Florida, you do NOT need to have a Braiding license.

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What skills are needed to be a Hair Braider?

There are no requirements as to the level of Braiding for someone to become licensed.  You can be a beginner or been braiding all your life.  You can sill get a Hair Braiding License.  It is to your best interest however  to take braiding classes to develop your skill set and continue to grow as a Hair Braider.

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Can I  use my Braiding License to work in a Salon?

Yes you can.  You can braid natural hair, and also dreadlock hairstyles.  There are a few tasks that are approved by the state that you may do if you would like to assist a Licensed Cosmetologist.  For example: Shampoo a clients hair.  Read the 10 benefits on being a Hair Braider on my blog by clicking below.

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10 Benefits on Being a Hair Braider - click here to read